Argus Monitors, Unfortunately, many people who want to keep the giants of the lizard and snake worlds fail to understand the care requirements and sheer size of the adult animals.

The neonates of many large monitor lizards are adorable little clones of their adult counterparts, often exhibiting the same rugged character and charisma.

Monitors, in particular, present themselves as intelligent animals that seem to be thinking and solving things as they stare back at you. Many will hold their ground and show their “spirit” when you attempt to hold them.

Luckily, the Argus monitor (Varanus panoptes horni) is a relatively manageable species that does not get as huge as other monitors, normally remaining less than 5 feet in length. It has an intense personality,

is not particularly shy, and is just large enough to be considered a behemoth pet lizard for show, but not so large that it cannot be housed and cared for by an intermediate to advanced keeper with the proper resources and dedication. For this reason, the Argus monitor has become quite a popular pet monitor lizard in recent years.

Argus Monitors-Argus-Monitors.jpg Argus Monitors


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