Cayman Brac Iguana, captive specimen in Hope Gardens, Jamaica The Lesser Caymans Iguana, Cyclura nubila caymanensis, is a large animal with a body length of 20 to 30 inches and an equally long tail.

Males are significantly larger than females. The Lesser Caymans Iguana has a skin color from light grey to green when mature, with a light blue or reddish-pink colored head, whereas females are more olive green,

lacking any red or blue. Young animals tend to be uniformly dark brown or green with faint dark bands. Their distinctive black feet stand in contrast to the rest of their lighter overall body color. Their eye-color is typically brown to blood red.

An individual of this subspecies has been recorded as one of the longest lived of all species and subspecies of the genus Cyclura at 33 years.

Males are larger than females, and have more prominent dorsal crests in addition to prominent femoral pores on their thighs, which are used to release pheromones. Females have less prominent pores and have shorter crests than the males making the animals sexually dimorphic.


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Cayman Brac Iguana-Cayman-Brac-Iguana.jpg Cayman Brac Iguana


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