Female Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python, Our blue eyed leucistic ball python for sale is tame, healthy, and feeding weekly. Our Female Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python are amazing looking.

These beautiful snakes are white and feature bright blue eyes. These particular morphs are the result of crossing the Mojave ball python to the lesser ball python. You may also be interested in the black eyed lucy snake as well.

Looking to add a unique and interesting snake to your collection? The Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python is guaranteed to be a great choice.

The blue eyed lucy is one of the rarest Ball Python morphs and is a prized reptile.

Known as the BEL ball python it is a beautiful white snake with icy blue irises around black pupils. Some even have a beige stripe along the spine.


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Female Blue Eyed Leucistic Bal...


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