Nosy Be Panther Chameleons are a very popular panther chameleon.  Nosy Be is a small island off the coast of Madagascar home of these beautiful Nosy Be panther chameleons.   The Nosy Be Panther Chameleon is the third most common sub species of panther chameleon partly because it has some outstanding colors including some beautiful blues, turquoise, purples and greens. The Panther Chameleon is easily the most gorgeous colored and easiest to handle of all species of pet chameleon for sale.

Our Nosy Be Panther Chameleon babies are fathered by “Blue IceMan” our Nosy Be Panther chameleon sire.  He is “dog like” friendly, and absolutely gorgeous ICE blue!  Panther chameleons grow 16-20″ (40-51cm) long, with females typically being smaller than males. In a form of sexual dimorphism, males are more vibrantly colored than the females. Coloration varies with location, and the different color patterns of panther chameleons are commonly referred to as ‘locales’, which are named after the geographical location in which they are found. Panther chameleons from the areas of Nosy BeAnkify, and Ambanja are typically a vibrant blue, and those from AmbilobeAntsiranana, and Sambava are red, green or orange. The areas of Maroantsetra and Tamatave yield primarily red specimens. Numerous other color phases and patterns occur between and within regions. Females generally remain tan and brown with hints of pink, peach, or bright orange, no matter where they are found, but there are slight differences in patterns and colors among the different color phases.



Hatchlings, Juvenile, Adults


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