Orange Pinstripe Crested, These geckos will either have an orange/red base color or a darker tone, it will vary from animal to animal. They will have either full or partial pinstripes, that may or may not be orange in color. They come in a variety of colors and whatever is on hand at the moment is what will be sent. The photos are just examples and not the animal that will be received.

We have some gorgeous orange pinstripe crested geckos for sale (orange pin striped gecko for sale) and some fantastic prices for this quality of animal.  Our pairing of our extreme harlequin girls and yellow harlequin males have been producing some outstandingly vibrant Orange Pinstripe Crested Geckos.

Crested Geckos either require food that contains vitamin D3 (like Pangea crested gecko food, or repashe) OR require low levels of UVB lighting if you do not feed a food with vitamin D, like Pangea gecko food or repashe.  If you want to use UVB, use it for for 10 hours of the day, this should be between 2-7% UVB and 10-30%UVA, and example bulbs would be an arcadia 5% euro range bulb or a 7% ARC-POD. A low wattage heat bulb (40-50w) in either moonlight blue or infrared is the best heating option as it will raise the ambient air temperature in the enclosure to within the preferred range.  Find Crested Gecko Lighting here.


Hatchlings, Juvenile, Adult


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