Cameroon Two Horned Chameleon, Rampholeon spectrum is a pygmy chameleon that is wide spread across the countries in West Africa. They inhabit the lowlands, but Walter explains how he was surprised to see how high in elevation they actually occur.

These cryptic chameleons are colored to blend in with the leaf litter on the ground. Their tail is not prehensile and their arboreal activity is limited to a meter above the ground.

Trioceros cristatus is widespread across the west African countries. It is a lowland species and tends to be active in the ;lower level of the bushes and trees.

Cameroon Two Horned Chameleon is distinct in that the males are a rich chestnut color with a blue ring around the crown of their head while the females are a bright green color. This, of course, makes sexing very easy.

Trioceros oweni is a lowland species and lives high in the canopy making studying them challenging! The males have three horns while the female is without horns. An exceptional feature of this species is the very long tail which helps them navigate the tree tops.

Trioceros montium is a mid-elevation species. The males have two prominent rostral horns. T. montium can be identified by the large scales that are sprinkled on their flanks. Though the males are obvious with their two horns and sail down their backside, the females have neither horns nor sail.


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Cameroon Two Horned Chameleon-Cameroon-Two-Horned-Chameleon-Chamaeleo-Trioceros-montium.jpg Cameroon Two Horned Chameleon


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