Giant Malagasy, Chameleon is a very large species of chameleon that is endemic to Madagascar, but also has been introduced near Nairobi in Kenya . It occurs in a wide range of habitats, even among degraded vegetation within villages, but is relatively rare in primary forest. With a maximum length of 68.5 cm , it is often considered the largest species of chameleon, though some suggest that prize goes to ”Calumma parsonii”. The diet of this chameleon includes, but is not limited to, invertebrates such as large insects. Prey is acquired with a long, muscular tongue.

We have some gorgeous Oustalet’s chameleons for sale at the internet’s absolute lowest prices. Their French name is pronounced “oo-stuh-lay’s.” These Madagascan giants can reach a total length of 27 inches. It’s also called the Malagasy Giant Chameleon, one of the largest in the world. Their diet has been known to include other lizards, frogs, and virtually anything that moves. They are also generally very gentle. When you buy a lizard from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.


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Giant Malagasy-Giant-Malagasy.jpg Giant Malagasy


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