Ibera Greek Tortoise is hands down the most encountered Greek tortoise in the hobby. Their wide range across Europe and part of Asia has resulted in various forms appearing in the pet trade world wide. Normally referred to as the “Ibera Greek”, this tortoise’s real name is the Asia Minor tortoise. This is typically the largest of the T. graeca species group however, small, medium and large examples exist. In fact, so do giants. There is also a rather wide variety of markings found within this subspecies. Testudo graeca ibera are quite different from other graeca and throughout history they have been considered a full species several times.

Generally speaking, Testudo graeca ibera can be considered a medium to large sized tortoise. Those in the 6 to 7″ range can actually be viewed as on the smaller size especially if they are from the more northern parts of their natural distribution where they are usually larger. In some cases the male is the smaller sex but many males are close to the same size as females and even bigger than them at times. 

There is not always a distinct difference in the flaring of the marginal scutes when comparing the sexes. While many males are rather trapezoid in shape caused by noticeable marginal flaring, others may be more oval. Some tortoises also exhibit a higher content of black pigment which is common for more northernly populations. 


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