Sri Lankan Star tortoise represent the some of the brightest colored of all the star tortoise species of tortoise for sale in the world.   They are also almost the most expensive other than the Burmese Star and one of rarest of the star tortoise family.

These guys are easy to care for, grow to around 9-12″ at full size and can weigh anywhere from 3-12 pounds at average adult size or less.  We have them available in baby, well started baby, yearling, juvenile and young adult sizes.

With a biologist on site, shop with confidence that you are going to receive a beautiful Sulcata tortoise for sale, shipped year round overnight to your doorstep.  When necessary we use insulated boxes with heat pack or cold packs as needed.  Don’t forget to pick up some tortoise chow with your new baby Sri Lankan Star tortoise for sale.


Hatchling, Well Started Baby, Yearling, Young Adult


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Sri Lankan Star Tortoise-Sri-Lankan-Star-Tortoise.jpg Sri Lankan Star Tortoise


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